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The specials category includes electric vehicles and go-karts for children and special equipment for the elderly to help make everyday things safer, easier and more enjoyable.

The electric vehicles and go-karts are suitable for children from 3 years of age. These electric cars are a small version of the real car brands. Powered by a motor, they have a maximum speed of about 3 km per hour. Supplied with rechargeable battery and battery charger. Depending on the brand, model and type, the cars can be equipped with working lights, dashboard with MP3 player and a 2.4Ghz remote control to assist driving.

Under the name Zens, Service Best International supplies safe and practical assistance products. Whether it is a special gripper that helps you if you have trouble bending over, a special pillbox with a handy daily schedule, various models of toilet seats that raise the existing toilet seat so that sitting down and standing up again is easier, or various bath and shower accessories such as stools, chairs, bath and shower mats.

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