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Windshield wipers

Are you looking for a wide range of wiper blades?  Service Best International has a suitable solution for every situation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more here.  

Replacing windscreen wiper blades
At some point, windscreen wiper blades need to be replaced. You often notice when it's time, the wipers leave streaks, bumps over the car window or squeak during wiping. In short, your window is no longer properly dried and cleaned. 

For each brand and model of car are wipers for sale that fit perfectly. Without tools, the new wipers are already in place within minutes. Adjustment is not necessary!

What are Flatblade wiper blades?
Normally cars are equipped with a wiper blade that consists of an aluminum frame with a rubber strip. This wipe blade is increasingly replaced by flatblades. Flatblade wiper blades have a flexible strip instead of an aluminum frame. They follow the curve of the car window, distributing the pressure equally. The result is better, quieter and faster wiping!

Rear window wipers 
Rear window wiper blades are in a category of their own. They provide a clear view around the entire car and that gives extra safety, especially during special handlings like parking. If your car has a rear wiper, check it regularly to make sure it is still working properly.

Do you think it is a waste to replace the entire wiper when in fact only the rubber is worn out? Replacing only the wiper rubber is also possible! The replacement rubber slides into the wiper blade of your current wiper. An inexpensive alternative to buying completely new wipers.

Buying new wiper blades is easy online nowadays. You do not have to go to a garage and wait there if the right wiper blades are in stock. In our web store you can easily find the right wipers for your car.

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