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Car exterior

Are you looking for a wide range of car exterior products?  Service Best International has a suitable solution for every situation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more here.

Car tuning
Within the range of car tuning there are various products to renew the exterior of your car. Think of exhaust tips, door protectors or valve caps in different colours. 

You can find covers for every type of vehicle in the Service Best International range. Take a good look at the size of the covers so that they fit your vehicle. The use of covers keeps your car well protected and prevents dirt from accumulating during long periods of storage. 

Electric vehicles 
A new range within Service Best International is the electric vehicle products. These include wall chargers, charging stations and various types of charging cables.

In the future, electric cars will become increasingly popular. It is important to have a good quality charging station, because a good quality charging station will last a long time. Service Best International has plenty of innovative products in its range.

In terms of signalling, we offer licence plate holders, licence plates and signposting and stickers.
Our range also includes mirrors, such as a blind spot mirror, an exterior mirror and a caravan mirror.

Wheel trim
There is a matching hubcap for every tyre! The wheel covers are available from 13 to 17 inches.
We also offer a wheel cover so that your (old) hubcap is not damaged.

For external comfort, we also offer anti-static strips and a tachograph. This device measures and records the speed of your vehicle. It is often used in trucks and barges to check whether the drivers comply with the rules regarding driving and rest times.

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