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Are you looking for gears and chains for your bike? Service Best International has a suitable solution for every situation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more here.

If you want to go on a relaxing bike ride or an exciting mountain bike tour, it is important that you can easily change gears. If the bike ride gets heavier, you can switch back to a lower gear. This ensures a lighter resistance and thus a more pleasant ride.

If you shift gears regularly on your bicycle, various parts may wear out, such as the derailleur cable, the shifting cable and the shifting pin. If you are looking for one of these parts or a complete shifting cable set, you can find them at Service Best International. 

When your bicycle chain starts to wear out it is recommended to replace it in time. This will prevent you from having problems with your chain during a bike ride and additional expenses. If you hear cracking of the chain, or rubbing against the sprockets, you probably need to replace the chain.

Bike chains come in different sizes. The size of a bicycle chain is always indicated by a pitch size and a width size. The first number in the size indicates the pitch of the chain, which is the distance between 2 pins of the chain. This pitch is usually 1/2 inch (12.7 mm). The second number in the size indicates the width. For regular bikes this is usually 1/8 inch (3.2 mm). At Service Best International you will always find the right size for your bike. 

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