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Are you looking for a wide range of security products? Service Best International has a suitable solution for every situation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more here.  

Alarm simulator
Everyone knows how important it is to properly secure your car. A good security system is therefore indispensable.
For example, we offer an alarm simulator with LED; it is easy to install and contains LED lighting so it seems like there is an alarm system in the car. As soon as the engine is turned off it starts to blink. 

Central door locking 
Furthermore, we offer interfaces to make central door locking on your car with two remote controls. There must be an engine in all two or four doors, you check this by locking the right front door with the key. If then the left front door also locks, this module is suitable. The supplied remote controls work up to a distance of 100 meters.

Wheel clamps 
Wheel clamps are also not to be forgotten. We offer sturdy wheel clamps with standard sizes for caravan, camper, trailer and your car. The wheel clamp is not only useful against theft of your caravan, camper or trailer, but also to prevent theft of your car. The wheel clamp is increasingly used and is ideal when you want to secure your car for a long or short time. The wheel can no longer rotate freely and theft becomes nil.

Steering locks 
Finally, we offer several steering wheel locks for your car. They are made of hardened steel so they are virtually impossible to break. With these steering locks your car is very well protected against theft. 

It is very easy to confirm:
1. first turn the steering wheel into the steering lock position 
2. place the lock or for example the steering wheel lock belt lock, this has a high preventive effect against car theft
3. the lock is looped through the steering wheel.
4. the end of the lock is clicked into the confirmation of the seat belt.

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