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Are you looking for bicycle parts that can improve your position on the bike? Service Best International has a suitable solution for every situation. Curious about the possibilities? Read more here.

People regularly suffer from pain in their bodies when they go on a longer bicycle ride. Often the cause of this problem is the position of the person on the bicycle. The right saddle can improve the position of the body. The bicycle saddle allows you to keep balance on your bike and have better control of your bike. Therefore it is very important to choose the right saddle for yourself that suits your sitting position and body type.

Service Best has more than 60 different saddles in stock so you can always choose the right saddle that fits you exactly. Whether you want a wide, narrow, long or short saddle or a saddle with much or little suspension. Service Best has the right saddle for you!

For a pleasant ride, it is also important to have a good pair of grips on your bike. If you do not have the right grips, your hands or wrists may suffer during a longer ride. Make sure you have properly shaped grips on your bike to avoid complaints.

In addition to saddles and grips, pedals also contribute to a better posture on your bike. The position of your feet in relation with the pedals and the height of the pedals affect your posture. 

Bicycle stands
Are you looking for a bicycle stand? Then pay attention to the weight of your bike and the weight of the stuff you usually transport on your bike. The weight of the bike in combination with the wheel size determine the stand you need. At Service Best you will always find a suitable stand for your bike.

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