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The most important place where consumer and product meet is the store floor, or the shelves. A large number of purchasing decisions are made standing in front of shelves in the store, making the design of the store and shelving very important. The better the store and shelving design, the quicker the consumer’s decision to purchase. Entrepreneurs who are very active in their stores, are fully aware that a sophisticated range and good presentation are the key to success.

Service Best International uses Nielsen’s advanced Spaceman program to create optimum sales concepts. This means we can support you with the very best sales’ software on the market. The use of Spaceman enables us to determine exactly how much space is needed to minimise costs while simultaneously maximising your sales.

The Space Management department develops shelving plans with the following objectives:

  • Offering a well-thought-out and categorised range
  • Optimum space management
  • Increased distribution efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction