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For many businesses with a webshop, delivery via drop shipment is the solution. Service Best International delivers your consumer orders direct to the consumer’s home.

This means you don’t need to stock the product yourself. As many products are supplied in different sizes and/or colours, there’s a high chance that you will be unable supply a webshop order as you won’t have it in stock. By appointing Service Best International as drop shipment supplier, you don’t have this problem. Drop shipment is simply the ideal solution for your webshop.

You can post all the Service Best International products online and it makes no difference whether you go for 10, 100 or 1,000 different products. This prevents unnecessary high stocks in your warehouse, saving you time and money. Drop shipment increases the likelihood of high turnover in your webshop. You are, as it were, selling the products that are in stock in our logistics warehouse.

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"Service Best International is an important and competent partner for us with a very wide range of products and high product quality"

Volker Graeter

Directeur, C & G

“Service Best thinks along with the customer and delivers tailor-made solutions – strong in the field and flexible with their product range – in short: a pleasant collaboration with a reliable partner”

Philip Van Herck

Product Manager, Hubo

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Service Best International is active around the whole world in more than forty countries. The strength of Service Best International rests firstly in its carefully selected and always up-to-date product range. Secondly, its strength comes from our own brands: Carpoint, Dresco and Protecton. In addition to their own brands, Service Best International is also a worldwide distributor of many leading brands. Sophisticated marketing instruments, planograms and sales consultancy help Service Best International and propel them toward increasing your sales profits.


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