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Wynn's since 1939 a success story!


For over 80 years, Wynn's has been an industry leader in engine treatments.Wynn's brand has a global presence and offers products, which prevent or solve problems in engine malfunction.


As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many problems can be remedied or prevented through the use of chemical treatments which are:

  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • easy to use


Wynn's Additives

The car is usually the second largest investment made after buying a home. The car's engine has a lot to deal with during its lifetime: wear and tear, pollution, heat, leaks....

That's why it's so important to maintain the engine properly, so that its lifetime is extended and in order to function properly every time you need it. Wynn's offers additives to repair, protect and strengthen the car's three essential fluid systems: fuel, oil and coolant. Wynn's additives are an alternative to mechanical repairs that can save you money.


8 good reasons to use Wynn's additives:

  1. Improve or restore engine efficiency.
  2. Prevent the rapid degradation and aging
  3. Protect and lubricate components
  4. Reduce exhaust fumes
  5. Prevent or reduce high consumption
  6. Clean contaminated systems
  7. Prevent contamination of engine components
  8. Prevent seasonal problems
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