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Womi is the indispensable, universal problem solver in every workshop.


Technical maintenance of the car deserves attention from a skilled mechanic who can solve any problem. With Womi products, any job can be done and the customer can be back on the road quickly and safely. Even the most unexpected, time-consuming problems are solved quickly and easily with the affordable solutions from Womi. Let the results convince you!


Womi's products are put together with care, using the most advanced technologies and chemical developments. In this way we guarantee the best results and products which are safe to use.


The Womi product lines are divided into four categories and can be recognized by the color code on the packaging:

  • Blue = Additives
  • Green: Bonding & Sealing.
  • Orange = Lubricants
  • Purple = Workshop


It is impossible to imagine a modern car without additives. These additives are found in all fluids used in cars. Many of these additives are designed to improve specific properties and extend the lifetime of the fluid. These additives are often already added by the manufacturer or you can add them yourself later. The purpose is better lubrication, lower consumption, better combustion or prevention of wear or corrosion. Womi's additives go even one step further and are real problem solvers. They can give the cooling system or one of the various sealed oil systems in the car a  a second life. Womi's additives are highly effective, easy to use and universally applicable.


Bonding & Sealing
The very comprehensive Womi category of bonding and sealing is the result of years of development and practical experience. The professional Womi products provide long-term security, such as elastic sealants and adhesives developed on the basis of the most modern techniques. All these products comply with current regulations, without making concessions in terms of quality or processing.
Womi's adhesives and sealants are easy to apply and convenient to use. The various products in this range are known for their versatility and strength, and can easily withstand various weather and temperature influences.


Womi Lube is indispensable in the workshop. It protects screw, slide and clamp connections against seizing, wear, corrosion and mechanical noise. Womi Lube is resistant to all weather influences and forms a fine protective permanent film that makes dismantling easy.


The last details of each repair determine a large part of the final result. Beautifully made but not quite flawless, perfectly repaired but still that irritating squeak. With the Womi workshop products you will also solve the last problems effortlessly.

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