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Valma is the brand for high-quality car care products and has been a Dutch company through and through since 1926.


The Valma brand was launched on the market after starting in Amsterdam as the very first producer of car care products.


Almost a hundred years later, we are the most famous Dutch car care and brand and continue to develop and modify the range to match any demand, new types of car paint, modern plastics and other materials that demand different formulas. But one thing remains constant; the car needs to be cleaned!


Valma is known for its fantastic products, from shampoos, cleaners and removers to restorers, wax, accessories such as sponges and cloths and season related products such as defrosters, windscreen washer fluids and coolants. The Valma range offers everything to Clean, Restore and Protect the vehicle both inside and out. The timeless, multifunctional and sustainable Valma products are easy to use and have just one goal: a long-lasting clean and shiny end result! 

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