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Turtle Wax

The Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax in 1944 in Chicago.


75 years later, the Most Innovative Brand in Car Care™ is still capturing the attention of the auto appearance category as the No. 1 selling brand in spray wax, car wash, carpet & fabric care, and more.


Turtle Wax is renowned for their extensive range of excellent and innovative products. Products that are used by car fans who want to take good care of their car, but also products loved by the avid car enthusiasts who want the very best for their car and only want to work with the latest technological products. There is plenty of choice in every product group, whether it concerns car shampoos, car wax, sealers, coatings, repairers, interior products or accessories.


Turtle Wax is dedicated to their loyal fans who fuel them to create products specially designed for their needs all around the globe – no matter the format or experience level. Driven to innovate and create amazing new products with state-of-the-art, easy to use technology. And, driven by value – Turtle Wax will always have great products at a great price.

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