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Protecton, for every maintenance job the right solution.


Protecton is THE car interior and exterior maintenance brand. This complete and well-balanced car care range enables you to offer consumers total service to keep their cars well-maintained and looking as good as new.


The assortment consists of four product lines:

  • Cleaning products to clean the car, such as car shampoo;
  • Technical maintenance products for restoration or repair work such as lubricants and corrosion protective coatings;
  • Oils to keep the engine in top condition including engine oil;
  • Seasonal products such as coolant and wiper fluid for summer and winter.



With Protecton’s extensive maintenance product range, every consumer can maintain their car professionally. Various shampoos, waxes and sprays together with sponges and cleaning accessories Protecton offers consumers a wide choice, whatever the cleaning or maintenance job.



Adverse weather conditions, loose stones, small accidents or general wear all influence a car’s performance. Protecton offers a high-quality solution for every type of restoration work, repair or protection. This includes filler for damage repair, various anti-rust and underbody coatings for maintenance & protection and lubricants & oils. Of course this huge range can also be used to maintain and protect motorbikes, boats, lawnmowers etc.



A good engine oil does more than just lubricate; it transfers heat, cleans and seals, dampens noise, protects against corrosion and saves on fuel. So it’s essential that the right engine oil is used in vehicle maintenance. For decades Protecton has been supplying all kinds of engine oils to satisfy the highest quality standards and fine-tuned according to mandatory requirements set by various car manufacturers. As far as quality is concerned, Protecton easily matches the more expensive oil brands, making Protecton a competitive alternative for today’s increasingly cost-aware consumers. From chainsaw oil to engine oil and from brake fluid to transmission oil, our extensive and complete product range enables you to serve all your customers.



Every car is expected to function in all conditions. This is only possible if the right products are used, adjusted for seasonal changes. Windscreen fluid developed especially for winter temperatures or for warmer periods, coolants that offer optimal performance under changing conditions, or even a lock defroster that never lets the user down in times of need. With attractive winter bundles in a variety of small to large-sized packaging, Protecton has the perfect solution for every consumer. Protecton offers it all.

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