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"For almost 100 years Dresco has been the largest specialist in bicycle accessories in the Benelux."


More (electric) bicycles are sold every year and mobility is an increasingly important issue. More and more people are taking the bicycle as an alternative to the expensive car and use it as a daily (intermodal) means of transport. With the rise of the e-bike, the lease bike and the company bike, the bicycle is the alternative to the car. In addition, consumers want to be able to travel comfortably, maintain and dress their bicycle themselves or perform (minor) repairs in case of an emergency.


Dresco has a wide and deep range of bicycle parts and accessories in the categories Mobility, Recreational and Kids. Mobility is the most extensive category within Dresco, focusing on commuting and school-age children. With products like locks, panniers, luggage carriers, baskets and crates, inner tubes and outer tubes, tire repair kits, saddles, phone holders and bicycle maintenance products, everyone can go to work or school safely and with pleasure. The Recreational category is aimed primarily at the ATB rider, mountain biker or cyclist. Think of special bicycle lighting or bicycle tires and helmets. Kids, as the name suggests, contains bicycle accessories for children and the children's bike, such as children's tires, training wheels, bicycle bells, child seats and helmets.


Whether it's a regular or granny bike, an electric bike, touring bike, mountain bike or children's bike; Dresco supplies all the necessities for carefree cycling. All Dresco items are easy to assemble, so anyone can easily maintain, dress up, change or repair their bike themselves.

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