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Carpoint has been a household name in the automotive industry for many years. This is mainly due to the extensive range of car accessories....


Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a necessity or something practical to make the car journey more comfortable or just to make your car more beautiful, Carpoint has it!


But...Carpoint has more than just car accessories. In recent years a lot of time has been put into completing the range and so it is expanded to include tools, trailer parts and replacement parts. Trends and technological development are also closely monitored to respond to them, such as the addition of charging cables for electric cars and the upgrade in car lighting and phone accessories.


Car Lighting

For every car brand, there is an A-quality car light at an economical Carpoint price. In addition to signal lamps, there are four types of headlights (Premium, Longlife, Superwhite and Ultra) so there is always a choice.


Phone accessories

Life without smartphones has become unimaginable and smartphones are regularly used in the car. To do this as safely as possible, Carpoint has various handy phone accessories in its range. Think of audio accessories to make hands-free calls, car plugs and charging cables to always be able to charge your phone, and phone holders to navigate easily.


Trailer parts

From straps to trailer nets, reflectors to lighting bars, plugs to drawbar locks; even smaller accessories such as license plate clips, tow bar caps or blind spot mirrors, Carpoint has everything for the trailer.


EV charging cables

Whether at home or on the road, a charging cable is essential for an electric car. Carpoint has a number of essential charging solutions so you can always travel carefree. From a wallbox for the wall to a portable charging cable for the socket or a standard charging cable for the charging station...Plug 'n charge with Carpoint!


Electrical accessories

Of course Carpoint also has all kinds of electrical products for the ordinary car. For example: battery chargers or jump starters to get the battery working again, or converters that allow devices with the 230V plug to be connected to a 12V power supply of the car.


Windshield wipers

A good windshield wiper ensures good and safe visibility in rainy weather. With the Carpoint wipers you will always have a clean window. Carpoint has both, conventional wiper blades (the rubber mounted on metal frame) and flatblade wipers (rubber mounted on a flexible strip), in its range.

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