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Service Best International operates in over forty countries across the world. Service Best International’s strength lies both in its range, which is carefully compiled and always up-to-date, and in having its own brands, including Carpoint, Dresco and Protecton. In addition to our own brands, Service Best International is a global distributor of many top brands. Service Best International uses sophisticated marketing tools, shelving plans and sales advice to help you increase your sales returns.

Own brands

Carkids | Everything for a safe and enjoyable trip


The car is the favorite means of transport for families. Whether you use it to take your child or children to day care or school, or whether you use it to go on day trips or vacation, safety, comfort and convenience come first at Carkids.


Carkids' extensive range ensures that you and your child(ren) can hit the road safely and comfortably. From child seats for all ages (with and without isofix) to mirrors, organizers and sunscreens. Carkids has everything for a safe and pleasant journey in the car.


Carpoint has been a household name in the automotive industry for many years. This is mainly due to the extensive range of car accessories....


Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a necessity or something practical to make the car journey more comfortable or just to make your car more beautiful, Carpoint has it!


But...Carpoint has more than just car accessories. In recent years a lot of time has been put into completing the range and so it is expanded to include tools, trailer parts and replacement parts. Trends and technological development are also closely monitored to respond to them, such as the addition of charging cables for electric cars and the upgrade in car lighting and phone accessories.


Car Lighting

For every car brand, there is an A-quality car light at an economical Carpoint price. In addition to signal lamps, there are four types of headlights (Premium, Longlife, Superwhite and Ultra) so there is always a choice.


Phone accessories

Life without smartphones has become unimaginable and smartphones are regularly used in the car. To do this as safely as possible, Carpoint has various handy phone accessories in its range. Think of audio accessories to make hands-free calls, car plugs and charging cables to always be able to charge your phone, and phone holders to navigate easily.


Trailer parts

From straps to trailer nets, reflectors to lighting bars, plugs to drawbar locks; even smaller accessories such as license plate clips, tow bar caps or blind spot mirrors, Carpoint has everything for the trailer.


EV charging cables

Whether at home or on the road, a charging cable is essential for an electric car. Carpoint has a number of essential charging solutions so you can always travel carefree. From a wallbox for the wall to a portable charging cable for the socket or a standard charging cable for the charging station...Plug 'n charge with Carpoint!


Electrical accessories

Of course Carpoint also has all kinds of electrical products for the ordinary car. For example: battery chargers or jump starters to get the battery working again, or converters that allow devices with the 230V plug to be connected to a 12V power supply of the car.


Windshield wipers

A good windshield wiper ensures good and safe visibility in rainy weather. With the Carpoint wipers you will always have a clean window. Carpoint has both, conventional wiper blades (the rubber mounted on metal frame) and flatblade wipers (rubber mounted on a flexible strip), in its range.


Commandant is originally a Dutch company and has been known for years for the green can, the Commandant Cleaner No. 4, but Commandant is much more than that.


Commandant has a nice assortment of cleaning products, car wax, polishing products and scratch removers. These products have also been used for years among real polishers who want to keep their vehicle shiny and in top condition in an effective and safe way. 


"For almost 100 years Dresco has been the largest specialist in bicycle accessories in the Benelux."


More (electric) bicycles are sold every year and mobility is an increasingly important issue. More and more people are taking the bicycle as an alternative to the expensive car and use it as a daily (intermodal) means of transport. With the rise of the e-bike, the lease bike and the company bike, the bicycle is the alternative to the car. In addition, consumers want to be able to travel comfortably, maintain and dress their bicycle themselves or perform (minor) repairs in case of an emergency.


Dresco has a wide and deep range of bicycle parts and accessories in the categories Mobility, Recreational and Kids. Mobility is the most extensive category within Dresco, focusing on commuting and school-age children. With products like locks, panniers, luggage carriers, baskets and crates, inner tubes and outer tubes, tire repair kits, saddles, phone holders and bicycle maintenance products, everyone can go to work or school safely and with pleasure. The Recreational category is aimed primarily at the ATB rider, mountain biker or cyclist. Think of special bicycle lighting or bicycle tires and helmets. Kids, as the name suggests, contains bicycle accessories for children and the children's bike, such as children's tires, training wheels, bicycle bells, child seats and helmets.


Whether it's a regular or granny bike, an electric bike, touring bike, mountain bike or children's bike; Dresco supplies all the necessities for carefree cycling. All Dresco items are easy to assemble, so anyone can easily maintain, dress up, change or repair their bike themselves.


Twinny Load – Enjoy. Carefree.


Whatever the destination of the journey is, whether it’s a short or long stay, an active or lazy trip, with Twinny Load, the journey will be relaxed and enjoyable from the start. Carefree enjoyment of cycling, of skiing, of all the things that can be taken with for a wonderful journey. Make no concessions and take everything you need with you, safely and easily.


Twinny Load is known as bicycle carrier specialist since the 1980s. The combination of its many years of experience and expertise with its own production capacity results in a unique line of high-quality bike carriers that have been developed according to the core values: quality, functionality, reliability and safety.


Besides the high quality, user-friendly bike carriers, Twinny Load also has an extensive range of other transport-related products, including roof boxes, roof racks, lashing straps & ties, bicycle covers and trailer accessories. It is a practical range for transporting bicycles and taking extra items with you for the car, where functionality, user friendliness, quality and safety are paramount.


Protecton, for every maintenance job the right solution.


Protecton is THE car interior and exterior maintenance brand. This complete and well-balanced car care range enables you to offer consumers total service to keep their cars well-maintained and looking as good as new.


The assortment consists of four product lines:

  • Cleaning products to clean the car, such as car shampoo;
  • Technical maintenance products for restoration or repair work such as lubricants and corrosion protective coatings;
  • Oils to keep the engine in top condition including engine oil;
  • Seasonal products such as coolant and wiper fluid for summer and winter.



With Protecton’s extensive maintenance product range, every consumer can maintain their car professionally. Various shampoos, waxes and sprays together with sponges and cleaning accessories Protecton offers consumers a wide choice, whatever the cleaning or maintenance job.



Adverse weather conditions, loose stones, small accidents or general wear all influence a car’s performance. Protecton offers a high-quality solution for every type of restoration work, repair or protection. This includes filler for damage repair, various anti-rust and underbody coatings for maintenance & protection and lubricants & oils. Of course this huge range can also be used to maintain and protect motorbikes, boats, lawnmowers etc.



A good engine oil does more than just lubricate; it transfers heat, cleans and seals, dampens noise, protects against corrosion and saves on fuel. So it’s essential that the right engine oil is used in vehicle maintenance. For decades Protecton has been supplying all kinds of engine oils to satisfy the highest quality standards and fine-tuned according to mandatory requirements set by various car manufacturers. As far as quality is concerned, Protecton easily matches the more expensive oil brands, making Protecton a competitive alternative for today’s increasingly cost-aware consumers. From chainsaw oil to engine oil and from brake fluid to transmission oil, our extensive and complete product range enables you to serve all your customers.



Every car is expected to function in all conditions. This is only possible if the right products are used, adjusted for seasonal changes. Windscreen fluid developed especially for winter temperatures or for warmer periods, coolants that offer optimal performance under changing conditions, or even a lock defroster that never lets the user down in times of need. With attractive winter bundles in a variety of small to large-sized packaging, Protecton has the perfect solution for every consumer. Protecton offers it all.


Valma is the brand for high-quality car care products and has been a Dutch company through and through since 1926.


The Valma brand was launched on the market after starting in Amsterdam as the very first producer of car care products.


Almost a hundred years later, we are the most famous Dutch car care and brand and continue to develop and modify the range to match any demand, new types of car paint, modern plastics and other materials that demand different formulas. But one thing remains constant; the car needs to be cleaned!


Valma is known for its fantastic products, from shampoos, cleaners and removers to restorers, wax, accessories such as sponges and cloths and season related products such as defrosters, windscreen washer fluids and coolants. The Valma range offers everything to Clean, Restore and Protect the vehicle both inside and out. The timeless, multifunctional and sustainable Valma products are easy to use and have just one goal: a long-lasting clean and shiny end result! 


Womi is the indispensable, universal problem solver in every workshop.


Technical maintenance of the car deserves attention from a skilled mechanic who can solve any problem. With Womi products, any job can be done and the customer can be back on the road quickly and safely. Even the most unexpected, time-consuming problems are solved quickly and easily with the affordable solutions from Womi. Let the results convince you!


Womi's products are put together with care, using the most advanced technologies and chemical developments. In this way we guarantee the best results and products which are safe to use.


The Womi product lines are divided into four categories and can be recognized by the color code on the packaging:

  • Blue = Additives
  • Green: Bonding & Sealing.
  • Orange = Lubricants
  • Purple = Workshop


It is impossible to imagine a modern car without additives. These additives are found in all fluids used in cars. Many of these additives are designed to improve specific properties and extend the lifetime of the fluid. These additives are often already added by the manufacturer or you can add them yourself later. The purpose is better lubrication, lower consumption, better combustion or prevention of wear or corrosion. Womi's additives go even one step further and are real problem solvers. They can give the cooling system or one of the various sealed oil systems in the car a  a second life. Womi's additives are highly effective, easy to use and universally applicable.


Bonding & Sealing
The very comprehensive Womi category of bonding and sealing is the result of years of development and practical experience. The professional Womi products provide long-term security, such as elastic sealants and adhesives developed on the basis of the most modern techniques. All these products comply with current regulations, without making concessions in terms of quality or processing.
Womi's adhesives and sealants are easy to apply and convenient to use. The various products in this range are known for their versatility and strength, and can easily withstand various weather and temperature influences.


Womi Lube is indispensable in the workshop. It protects screw, slide and clamp connections against seizing, wear, corrosion and mechanical noise. Womi Lube is resistant to all weather influences and forms a fine protective permanent film that makes dismantling easy.


The last details of each repair determine a large part of the final result. Beautifully made but not quite flawless, perfectly repaired but still that irritating squeak. With the Womi workshop products you will also solve the last problems effortlessly.

Premium Brands

AXA Stenman Industries has a long and rich history that began in 1902.


The foundation was laid with the production and sale of hinges and locks (Home Security). After about twenty years, a ring lock for bicycles was added to the assortment. This was the start for the range of bicycle security (Bike Security).


Today, the Bike Security range consists of bicycle locks, bicycle lights and chain and jacket protection and AXA Bike Security is inextricably linked with the cycling culture. For more than 115 years, AXA has done everything in its power to provide optimum protection for cyclists and their bikes. As a true cycling fan, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what cyclists need to ride safely and securely.


Bike Light

AXA has a wide range of lighting products, from lights that let you be seen to lights that let you see perfectly. For every bicycle, AXA has the right lighting. Besides bicycle lights for the dynamo, AXA also has lights that can be connected directly to an E-bike battery or lights that can be used with regular batteries. Latest additions in this category are the rechargeable lighting products, so you never have to buy new batteries again.



For the protection of all two-wheeled vehicles, from children's bikes to motorcycles, AXA has the perfect lock through its extensive range. Besides the well-known cable locks and chain locks, AXA also offers ring locks and folding locks, which are very strong and easy to carry.


Since 1886, Bosch has focused on innovation and quality. In the meantime, Bosch has developed into one of the largest and best-known brands worldwide.


In 1886, Robert Bosch started a store in Stuttgart with only two employees. This was the beginning of the present-day global brand Bosch. In 2016, Bosch celebrated their 130 year anniversary along with its 375,000 employees. In its 130 years of existence, Bosch has grown into one of the largest companies in Germany and operates in over 150 countries.


Bosch always focuses a great deal on innovation. This is reflected in the year 2012. In 2012, Bosch had almost 90,000 active patents and patent applications. In this way, Bosch can easily measure up to the most innovative companies in the world.


Since 2020, Bosch products have been manufactured all over the world. They have 40 different product locations spread across Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia. This global network of sales, production and service allows Bosch to provide customers around the world with smart and thoughtful German engineering.


Since 1886, Bosch has focused on innovation and quality. In the meantime, Bosch has developed into one of the largest and best-known brands worldwide and all Bosch professionals work only with state-of-the-art test technology; this is also the case for the wipers.


Bosch wipers provide optimum vision for every car brand.

There are wipers that squeak back and forth across the front and rear windows and there are Bosch wipers that quietly ensure clear, streak-free vision to the front and rear. Safe driving starts with good visibility, so saving on worn or damaged wiper blades is false economy. By choosing Bosch wiper blades, you can be sure that they will fit and function perfectly, even during the heaviest rain, hail and snow.


Perfect fit

The wiper blades come with easy-to-click adapters that fit seamlessly onto the car's wiper arm. But even more important: the rubber wiper blade follows the curve of the windscreen perfectly, so that it is optimally wiped with every stroke of the wiper. The QR code on the packaging explains how the wiper blades should be placed.




Just meaningless words? Absolutely not! For over 100 years, Kroon-Oil has been focusing exclusively on the development and manufacture of premium lubricants. Whatever the application for which you require a product, Kroon-Oil has it.


Road traffic

Lubricating, heat-dissipating, cleaning, sealing, soundproofing, protecting from corrosion, fuel-saving, controlling components. Lubricant oil carries out all of these tasks. Using the right product is therefore essential when it comes to driving from A to B, but also for the preservation of your vehicle. The road traffic segment is highly diverse and includes products for every application. For vehicles that are 50 years old or brand-new, heavy goods vehicles or private cars. With Kroon-Oil your journey will be well-oiled.



Everywhere around the globe, you will see them: bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes and scooters. They all have their own lubricating requirements. This product range includes lubricants, but also cleaning products and degreasers. A specific Kroon-Oil product is available for every application and all types of conditions. Whether you are riding a mountain bike or motorbike, scooter or electric bicycle.


Established in 1914, The NOCO Company (NOCO) designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers and jump starters, as well as a wide range related battery products and accessories.


Through these world class offerings, NOCO® has effectively set the new standard in design, performance and safety and has introduced an entirely new generation of products.


NOCO Genius....Charge Dead Batteries.

Genius Battery Chargers are not only the lightest and most compact battery chargers ever, they're also the most powerful. Genius Chargers charge up to three times faster than ordinary chargers, and they’re extremely safe; 24/7 with zero overcharge and even work with the slightest back voltage. Ideal for charging and maintaining cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, trucks, RVs, tractors, equipment and more…Go beyond smart charging. Do more with Genius.


NOCO Boost....Start Dead Batteries.

NOCO Boost Jump Starters are ultra-compact, yet powerful devices with the power of lithium technology. And coupled with high-end electronics and design, it produces safe and efficient performance. All models feature patented safety technology for spark-proof connections and reverse polarity, making them safe and easy for anyone to use. Jump start gas and diesel cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, trucks, RVs, tractors, equipment and more.


It has been more than a century since Philips produced their first automotive light bulb.


And ever since the first day, their aim has always been the same – to improve people’s lives on the road. By looking ahead and constantly innovating, Philips hope to make the future even brighter.


Philips Lamps

From enhancing visibility to sharing hidden highlights, Philips even makes the invisible visible. Their lighting solutions also give drivers revolutionary ways to customize their cars. One out of every three cars around the world comes equipped with Philips lamps. The Philips Lamps family of products includes:

  • Halogen
  • Xenon
  • LED Bulbs
  • Signal bulbs


Philips Accessory Products

Our mission is to enhance the way people experience mobility, empowered by innovative solutions for everyone on the move. Philips Accessory Products offer:

  • LED Inspection Lamps
  • Automotive Air Purifiers

Since its founding in 1881, Simson has been one of the most well-known and prominent brands on Dutch store shelves.


This is partly due to the iconic red, black and white box which included tire stickers that almost every family in the Netherlands had at home.


Since 2007, Simson's product range has been renewed, with a new layout with a nod to the past. What started out as adhesives and solvents has now grown into a complete range, divided into three different product groups, including bike parts, bike accessories and bike maintenance.


Bike parts

Is a part of your bike broken and in need of replacement? With Simson bike parts, a broken bicycle is easily fixed. From rear light to seat post, granny bike to mountain bike, Simson has a wide range of bike parts such as chains, pedals, stands, lights, grips, brakes, gears, seat posts and bells.


Bike accessories

Bike commuter, recreational cyclist or a sporty cyclist? Simson offers bicycle accessories for everyone. Get even more out of your bike with Simson cycling accessories such as locks, bicycle protection, water bottle cages and much more!


Bike maintenance

Who doesn't know it? The iconic red-black-white Simson tire repair box. Safe and carefree cycling is what every cyclist wants. Taking good care of your bike reduces wear and tear and keeps your bike in good state. Simson offers a wide range of bicycle maintenance products such as tire repairs, tools, bicycle pumps, lubricants and cleaning products.

Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax

The Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax in 1944 in Chicago.


75 years later, the Most Innovative Brand in Car Care™ is still capturing the attention of the auto appearance category as the No. 1 selling brand in spray wax, car wash, carpet & fabric care, and more.


Turtle Wax is renowned for their extensive range of excellent and innovative products. Products that are used by car fans who want to take good care of their car, but also products loved by the avid car enthusiasts who want the very best for their car and only want to work with the latest technological products. There is plenty of choice in every product group, whether it concerns car shampoos, car wax, sealers, coatings, repairers, interior products or accessories.


Turtle Wax is dedicated to their loyal fans who fuel them to create products specially designed for their needs all around the globe – no matter the format or experience level. Driven to innovate and create amazing new products with state-of-the-art, easy to use technology. And, driven by value – Turtle Wax will always have great products at a great price.


Wynn's since 1939 a success story!


For over 80 years, Wynn's has been an industry leader in engine treatments.Wynn's brand has a global presence and offers products, which prevent or solve problems in engine malfunction.


As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many problems can be remedied or prevented through the use of chemical treatments which are:

  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • easy to use


Wynn's Additives

The car is usually the second largest investment made after buying a home. The car's engine has a lot to deal with during its lifetime: wear and tear, pollution, heat, leaks....

That's why it's so important to maintain the engine properly, so that its lifetime is extended and in order to function properly every time you need it. Wynn's offers additives to repair, protect and strengthen the car's three essential fluid systems: fuel, oil and coolant. Wynn's additives are an alternative to mechanical repairs that can save you money.


8 good reasons to use Wynn's additives:

  1. Improve or restore engine efficiency.
  2. Prevent the rapid degradation and aging
  3. Protect and lubricate components
  4. Reduce exhaust fumes
  5. Prevent or reduce high consumption
  6. Clean contaminated systems
  7. Prevent contamination of engine components
  8. Prevent seasonal problems