The number 1 in car

and bicycle accessories

The number 1 in car and bicycle accessories

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Service Best International was founded in 1954 as car, bicycle, motorbike and lorry accessory wholesaler and has expanded over the years to become an international company that reaches thousands of customers across the world. Its well-thought-out range of over 10,000 items is supplied to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, specialist stores and DIY channels. This makes Service Best International the number 1 in car and bicycle accessories.

A sophisticated range 

Service Best International operates in over forty countries across the world. Service Best International’s strength lies both in its range, which is carefully compiled and always up-to-date, and in having its own brands, including Carpoint, Dresco and Protecton. In addition to our own brands, Service Best International is a global distributor of many top brands. Service Best International uses sophisticated marketing tools, shelving plans and sales advice to help you increase your sales returns.


Service Best International’s strength lies in its range, which is carefully compiled and always up-to-date. Building our own brands with a strong identity has made us the major player we are today. As well as supplying our own brands including Carpoint, Descro and Protecton, Service Best International is also a global distributor of many top brands.


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360° Support

Service Best International has become a major player by developing its own brands with a strong identity. This ensures that these products have a clear, distinctive position in the market and that brands develop to become household names. It also enables us to realise a concept as a private label. All private label packaging is designed by our own Graphic Design Centre, using style guides formulated per private label. This ensures that your brand is clearly recognisable and creates a unified look.


As support for our customers, Service Best International offers customised concepts using Nielsen’s advanced Spaceman program. The Trade Marketing department is totally immersed in providing Space Management, range and presentation advice. Our customised store concepts enable you to achieve optimum returns per m2. This invaluable service means you don’t need to make any extra efforts to keep the range in optimum condition.

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Private label

Service Best International has become a major player because of its own brands, which have a strong identity. Our brands developed to become household names through our clear, distinctive positioning in the market, by staying up-to-date with the latest developments, using a conceptual approach and maintaining insight across the entire chain. We have done this for our own brands but can also achieve this for high-end or private labels.

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Online Support

At Service Best International, you know exactly where you stand. Our webshop and online catalogues enable you to see at all times which products can be delivered and whether a product is in stock. What’s more, Service Best International has various brand sites. These websites contain specific and detailed product information, including photos and videos. This enables us to keep consumers informed.

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Service Best International also offers the option for deliveries via drop shipment. We deliver your consumer orders direct to the consumer’s home, For you, this has the advantage that there’s no need to stock products in your webshop. You are, as it were, selling the products that are in stock in our logistics warehouse.

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Point of Sale-materiaal

To provide the consumer with the optimum store experience, shelving navigation and additional brand experience in the store, Service Best International offers its customers a huge range of POS materials.



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To optimise the use of store space and generate additional returns, we can develop a suitable, customised display for each concept and brand. The fitting and attractive design of our displays reflects current trends. From counter display to floor display or stand-alone carousel; the possibilities are almost endless.


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Service Best International is active around the whole world in more than forty countries. The strength of Service Best International rests firstly in its carefully selected and always up-to-date product range. Secondly, its strength comes from our own brands: Carpoint, Dresco and Protecton. In addition to their own brands, Service Best International is also a worldwide distributor of many leading brands. Sophisticated marketing instruments, planograms and sales consultancy help Service Best International and propel them toward increasing your sales profits.


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